Bucket List

* More to be added soon *

  1. Write a book
  2. Get my Master’s Done 5/20/15
  3. Write in a journal every day, for an entire year
  4. Step foot in the pacific ocean
  5. Volunteer at a food kitchen during the holiday season
  6. Go to Vegas
  7. Take a random class for fun (photography, cooking, pottery, makeup; whatever)
  8. Attend a writing workshop Done 11/7/15 (Hannah Brencher’s November Writing Intensive)
  9. Go to Nashville for the CMA Music Festival (DONE June 2018)
  10. Complete a scrapbook(s) of all four years of college
  11. See a TED talk live Done 5/20/17
  12. Donate my hair
  13. Read 52 books in one year
  14. Attend my high school reunion Done 9/30/17
  15. Pay for a strangers meal
  16. Write a “Love Letter” and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find
  17. Land a full-time job in the MH field Done 5/2015
  18. Unplug for an entire weekend Done 12/29/17-1/1/18
  19. Keep a “Good Things” jar for every day, for an entire year Done 1/1/14-12/31/14
  20. Plant my own garden Done 6/2017
  21. Take up Martial Arts again (not necessarily Tae Kwon Do)
  22. Write “Open When” letters for a friend. Done 12/25/2014
  23. Start, or join, a book club
  24. Mail handwritten letters or cards to friends just because
  25. Draft both of my parents “coming to America” story
  26. Move out of my hometown  Done 10/2015
  27. See the tree at Rockefeller Center (sad to say I’ve lived in NJ my entire life and have never seen the tree during the holiday season) Done 12/2016
  28. Go on a road trip with a group of my girlfriends Done 3/2017
  29. Have an article featured on Thought Catalog Done 5/8/2017
  30. Host a dinner party (possibly have a Friends-giving) DONE 2/2019

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